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Corporate Overview

Synergy Networks is a leader in Business-class Internet solutions delivering industry-leading solutions designed exclusively for businesses. As one of Florida's fastest-growing Internet Service Providers, Synergy Networks is dedicated to providing the highest-quality Broadband Internet access, web hosting, web design and e-commerce solutions. Synergy Networks offers a broad range of Internet and Communication Solutions designed to help businesses boost productivity, expand into new markets, and maximize the benefits of the Internet.

The Internet has changed the way we do business forever. It is no secret that companies with an effective Internet strategy have an advantage over their competitors. Synergy Networks recognizes that determining this strategy for your business is a very complicated process. Synergy Networks is committed in assisting you to determine the right solutions that will provide your organization the flexibility and resources to successfully meet the challenge of the ever-changing business world.

Service and Support

With 24x7 network monitoring and individualized customer support, Synergy Networks customer support staff is dedicated to providing superior service and support. Synergy Networks emphasizes highly responsive and single point of contact problem resolution, so even the smallest problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. To ensure that your Internet service is installed quickly and without complication, Synergy Networks offers end-to-end network management, which includes circuit ordering, equipment configuration, router monitoring and installation.

Our Network

Synergy Networks recognizes that businesses, now more than ever, depend on the Internet as an integral part of their business strategy. To meet this demand, Synergy Networks has deployed state-of-the-art fiber optic facilities and network powered by the best the industry has to offer. Our partners include: Cisco Systems, Level 3 Telecommunications, Fibernet Direct, Century Link, Dell, Microsoft, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon among many others. Our partnerships and world-class network enable Synergy Networks to provide businesses with the security of around-the-clock connectivity.