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Anti Spam

Tired of 1,000's of spam messages per day?

SPAM is a term used for unwanted email or junk mail which floods the Internet and your inbox.

Did you know:

  • Over 85% of all email sent is spam.
  • 150 billion spam emails are sent a day.
  • Studies suggest that nearly half of all Americans spend over 40 minutes per day sorting through and deleting unwanted or unsolicited spam.
  • E-mail spam has steadily grown since the early 1990s. Virus-infected computers used to send about 80% of spam.
  • Since the cost of the spam is born mostly by the recipient, it is effectively postage due advertising.


blocks 97% of spam and features a number of e-mail filtering services including:

  • Inbound spam
  • Smart Spam Filtering
  • Offsite spam quarantine
  • And multi layers of anti-virus protection.

Start ANTI SPAM now with a low monthly fee of $2.00 for each email account (1 year contract)

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