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Web Hosting

The Fastest Access, Most Reliable Servers and A Comprehensive Tool Set for your Business Web Hosting needs.

Synergy Networks believes that Web Sites must be managed, not just hosted. While most Web hosting companies only provide network connectivity and electrical power, Synergy Networks goes the extra mile to provide a turnkey solution that includes monitoring, performance testing, and reporting. Synergy Networks' Web Site Management services provide businesses the most reliable servers, the fastest access and the most extensive tool set for your entire web hosting needs. With hosting packages especially designed for businesses, Synergy Networks takes care of managing your Web Site so you can take care of managing your business.

Web Hosting

Synergy Networks recognizes that now, more than ever, businesses depend on fast, reliable access to their Web Sites. To meet these mission-critical requirements, Synergy Networks utilizes one of the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones in the industry. Synergy Networks transparently load balances between multiple servers. By distributing user requests across our multiple server platforms, Synergy Networks provides a higher level of responsiveness and system capacity.

Dedicated Server

With the latest Microsoft® Windows operating systems and Dell, Synergy Networks Servers are high performance, secure and scalable. They are maintained and specially optimized by Synergy Networks for use on the Internet. Microsoft® operating systems are the foundation used by hundreds of companies for their web, intranet, extranet and integrated business solutions.